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Join Us for the Hey Soul Surfer Contest!

Get ready for yet another fun contest here at Bruner Orthodontics! Currently in our office, we have a life-size cardboard stand up of the famous surfer, Bethany Hamilton. Bethany is known for her bravery after a shark attack while surfing, and she is now a spokesperson for the...
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Get Ready! It's Time for the Hot Shot Contest!

At Bruner Orthodontics, we love to have fun with our patients. The Hot Shot Contest gives our patients an opportunity to win a ticket to a movie of their choice! Here’s how it works: if you are a great patient (you are on time to your appointment, have great oral hygiene,...
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Taylor Swift Loses Her Retainers

Even musical stars like Taylor Swift can lose a valuable item, such as retainers! Watch this clip as Taylor takes her impressions and learns an important lesson about keeping track of her retainers. Helpful Tip: Always keep your retainers in their case when you are eating. If you...
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