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7th Annual Bruner Orthodontics Dental Hygienist Appreciation Night

While in orthodontic treatment there is nothing more important than having good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment allows for faster tooth movement, less chance of caries (cavities) or white spots to form, and a healthier overall result. This is why...
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Great Hygiene helps you achieve Great Results!

Having great dental hygiene isn’t just about making your teeth look nice. Taking care of your teeth also prevents dental problems like de-calcification, gum disease and cavity formation. With braces, good cleaning habits are all the more important. Brackets, wires and other...
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Why You Should Wear a Mouthguard – Dealing with Dental Trauma

    “Mom, I don’t need a mouthguard. No one ever gets hurt.” This is the commonly held view of most kids in sports today. Many think that wearing a mouthguard is not cool. Thinking about it clearly, what really is not cool is getting your teeth knocked...
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