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Kylie W.
"My experience at Bruner Orthodontics was a great one! I always felt welcome when I came in, and everyone was so nice! I will recommend Dr. Bruner to my friends and tell them of how great my experience was. I felt like I was in good hands, and I would like to thank Bruner Orthodontics for all they have done for me."
Devin B.
"Dr. Bruner is the man, never met a funnier and more caring person. Everyone else here shows those traits and are friendly as can be. I loved the experience and my teeth. I will recommend Dr. Bruner to my friends. Thank you for everything and especially my teeth! Thank you!"
Adria P.
"My experience here at Bruner Orthodontics was amazing! Everyone was super nice and patient with me. I never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable here. Everywhere you looked there were smiles. Bruner Orthodontics did an amazing job with my teeth and I love my new smile. Everyone was so nice I felt like they were part of my family!"
Louise B.
"Dr. Bruner and his staff are amazing. Dr. Bruner made it a point to say hi, ask questions about my life, and talk me through every step. He made me feel important and that he really is passionate about every patient he sees. He is encouraging and produces amazing results. I finished four months early and love my new smile! I highly recommend Dr. Bruner and his staff, and I see my children coming here in a few years."
Marty L.
"I am very pleased with my experience with braces at Dr. Bruner's. It was easy, rewarding, and everyone was very helpful. It feels great to have them off, and I'm forever grateful for what they did, which will influence me for the rest of my life. Thank you!"
Katherine K.
"Honestly, I loved my experience at Bruner Orthodontics. The staff was so nice and they made the whole braces thing really easy. Thank you guys!"
Avanti A.
"I am so happy with my results! I had such an amazing experience here and I always felt so welcomed whenever I walked in. Whenever my friends compliment me on my smile, you get all the credit. I will recommend you to anyone because you are the best! Everyone is always happy here and you show you don't just care about your patients' teeth, but the patients in general. Thank you so much for my new smile!"
Tamra A.
"I would definitely recommend Dr Bruner to anyone considering orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bruner and his team are always upbeat, on time, thorough and professional. The final results exceeded my expectations. Dr. Bruner is open and easy to talk with and really listens. I am extremely happy with my new beautiful smile."
Hailey F.
"This has been the most wonderful experience! I came in expecting a rather painful and scary process, but I can honestly say it was amazing! Everyone here is so happy and kind and I learned that no matter what I could trust them. I love my teeth and I loved the experience! Thank you so much! Thank you Dr. Bruner for this awesome time!"
Salina M.
"Wow! I have to say that I had the most wonderful experience in Dr. Bruner's office. I was someone afraid to smile in pictures, hiding from cameras and avoiding laughter. Dr. Bruner and his staff have completely changed me. After my first visit my family and friends immediately noticed a difference in me. Dr. Bruner and his staff always answered every question I had and typically answered my questions before I knew I had them. I have recommended this office to many, many people and I will continue to sing their praises. Thank you Dr. Bruner and your ortho family."
John S.
"I have never felt more cared for and welcomed before! Dr. Bruner and his team are professional and amazing. Best orthodontist ever! Thank you for my perfect smile. I will miss seeing all of you so often and promise to come back and visit! Much love."
Annie B.
"Thank you Bruner Orthodontics! You helped me so much; you are like family to me. You care for me and have straightened my teeth and made me feel very comfortable here!"
Hannah W.
"I had a GREAT experience at Bruner Orthodontics! Every time I came in everyone was so helpful and nice to me. They always told me everything they were doing and why. Thanks to everyone at Bruner Orthodontics, I will have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! Thanks to everyone and anyone who helped me!!!"
Magdalena K.
"My experience with Bruner Orthodontics has been outstanding right from the beginning! Dr. Bruner took the time to sit down one-on-one to discuss my problem and my treatment. He is professional and committed to the quality care of his patients. It has been a privilege to get to know Dr. Bruner and his wonderful, caring staff. They are a great group of people, always kind, friendly and helpful. It has been a true pleasure being a part of this office! I couldn't be any happier with my results! Dr. Bruner, I sincerely thank you for all that you have done for me! Big thanks to the entire team! You are absolutely the best!"
Valli I.
"Love the results! I appreciated all the attention to detail and the thorough care that Dr. Bruner and his staff provided every step of the way. They are always aware of my ortho case and goals. As a dental professional, I know how much it takes to provide up to date and consistent patient care and Dr. Bruner and his team go above and beyond to take care of their patients through the orthodontic process. I love my smile!"
Maddie F.
"My experience with Bruner Orthodontics was amazing! The staff is so nice and understanding and everyone here has made having braces fun. I love coming here and I am sad that it's over. I am going to recommend Dr. Bruner to all of my friends."
Ryan N.
"My experience at Bruner orthodontics was fantastic. Dr. Bruner and his staff were kind, funny and the right people for the job. They always made me feel comfortable during my time here and if I had any questions they answered them in a way that made sense. I felt very comfortable having them take care of my teeth. In short, Bruner orthodontics was the best experience I could have possibly had with braces and although I won't miss having those on my teeth, I'm going to miss seeing everyone here."
Zach M.
"Having my braces done at Bruner Orthodontics made the experience fun and easy. I enjoyed coming to appointments because Dr. Bruner became my friend during the journey of having braces. Thank you Dr. Bruner and staff."
Dana L.
""I did a lot of research to pick the right orthodontist, and couldn't be happier with my choice. I highly recommend Dr. Bruner. My braces experience was better than I expected – always comfortable, with efficient treatment time. Thank you Dr. Bruner!"
Everett B.
"After visiting Bruner Orthodontics for the first time, I knew Dr. Bruner would make having braces a lot better than I expected. The process was fast and now I have an awesome smile. Every time I went to an appointment, I felt like I was treated as a VIP. Thank you Dr. Bruner and staff for all you've done!"
Ryanne F.
"Braces are really worth the wait! When I first saw my beautiful smile, I almost cried. I was so happy! Dr. Bruner really made my smile fantastic!"
Annika H.
"I didn't think getting braces could be an enjoyable experience but everyone at Bruner Orthodontics made it fun. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Now that I have my braces off I am so happy. The whole experience was great. Thanks for everything!"
Jenna F.
"I really like coming in to see Dr. Bruner and his staff because they make me feel really good about my treatment and progress. It was very exciting to get my braces on but now I am very excited to have them off. I would highly recommend anyone who wants braces to come see Dr. Bruner!"
Jake N.
"I'm smiling all the time. The process is better than I expected. Dr. Bruner made it fun. Thanks everybody!"
Ethan L.
"Braces were easier than I thought. I'm very happy to have such a great smile. Everyone at Dr. Bruner's is very friendly and welcoming. I'd definitely recommend Bruner Orthodontics to my friends and family."
Lynne D.
"I had braces when I was young-back when JFK was president! After more than 45 years of not wearing my retainers, my teeth had moved significantly. It was time to look into orthodontia again. How things have changed! No heavy, ugly, painful bands, no weekly visits, no two or three years in braces! After 15 months, my teeth are strait and beautiful. Ten visits total! I now smile every chance I get. (And, I am following Dr. Bruner's instructions about wearing my retainers!) Thank you for all you do. The team, the process, the results – outstanding."
Emily G.
"At first I was a little worried about what getting brace was going to be like but Dr. Bruner and his great staff made getting braces an easy experience. I was so happy to get my braces off but more excited about how great my teeth looked! I really love my smile now! Thank you to everyone who helped me get it!"
Brett H.
"Hi, my name is Brett, and I'm a brace-free-a-holic. I joined up with Dr. Bruner back in the winter of 2008, and going into their temporary cramped quarters even then wasn't a hassle because the staff was friendly enough to make up for it. Now in their new office, it's even better. Everything is super clean and efficient, but with a "living room" atmosphere. It almost makes me wish I had my braces on longer just to chill out with the staff. Almost. But like I said earlier, I'm loving the whole no metal mouth thing, and I'm super glad I came to Dr. Bruner."
Julia C.
"Dr. Bruner and team are awesome. Thanks."
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